Benefits of Priming Your Atomizer Coil for CBD Oil

Benefits of Priming Your Atomizer Coil for CBD Oil

July 7, 2018 Off By admin

When you use your vaporizer over time for your CBD oil, you will notice a decrease in the“ intensity of the flavor and reduced vapor production. After one to two weeks, you are likely to experience a burnt taste; an indication that you require changing the atomizer coil. Many people tend just to fill the tank and fix the new coil before they start vaping. That is not right, as it is recommended that you first prime your new coil before using it. Priming the coil improves the favor of the CBD oil and enhances your vaping experience.

1. Eliminating Burnt Hits
The main advantage of priming the coil appropriately is to avoid dry and burnt hits. When the atomizer coil is not used, the wicking material tends to be completely dry. Considering that it is in contact with the loop, the cotton will burn to produce a charred, unpleasant taste. When you pre-saturate the coil, you will be averting this effect since the liquid will be vaporized once the cotton has been heated.

2. Heightened Intensity of the flavor
Another critical benefit of priming the coil is to enhance the robustness and intensity of the CBD oil flavor substantially. When you pre-saturate the cotton and the loop, you will experience a burst of vibrant essence from the original hit. Also, since you will not have burnt the yarn, the taste will not be compromised by the burnt taste that you would have otherwise experienced.

3. Adds to the Longevity of the Coil
A primed atomizer coil tends to last longer than one which has not been primed. The principle is primarily because the constituents of the coil have been broken-in appropriately. A burnt loop will also cause a reduction in the life of the atomizer coil.

The merits of priming a coil are definitely worth every minute you spend on accomplishing the prime. You will experience a highly enjoyable vaping experience that will consequently enhance the life of your loop.